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Content creation + data analytics


We combine data analytics with advanced content delivery technology.

What we do

At Surge IO, our primary goal is to engage readers with story-telling. We create and distribute high-level content across our partner sites with titles including

Data Analytics

We capture real time analytics on hundreds of metrics to understand our readers and to make better, data-based decisions. 


Content Creation Technology

We have the most advanced content delivery technology on the market today to seamlessly manage and scale content. 

Freelance Writers

Our experienced team of freelance writers specialize in all markets including entertainment, lifestyle, and celebrity news.

We create, distribute and manage premium content that is seamlessly scalable to delight our readers.

Monthly visitors

Freelance Writers

Articles per Month

USER Data Metrics

Who we are

Surge IO is a 100% remote company. We are a tightly-knit team of passionate writers, engineers, data scientists, and designers. SurgeIO attracts and retains the best talent available to produce the best articles and user experiences for our readers. 

The Surge way

We provide our writers with data, feedback, and training to attract and engage high value readers. We harness vast amounts of user data to understand what is trending, what performs the best, and where our audiences spend their time. Our premium content delivery technology gives writers the tools to write their best. At Surge IO, we believe in continuous innovation, collaboration and improvement.

OUR Writers

Our writers are the core of our success. They make words come alive with stellar skills, perfect proofing practice, and the professional ability to turn a story into a major trending article. We trust them to be the experts of their content and to take ownership of their articles from start to finish. We are always searching for talented and passionate writers to join our team!

From Our Writers

“Working with Surge is a dream come true – I don’t know how else to put it.  Finding flexibility is hard enough (and usually means isolation).  That’s not the case at Surge.  Here, I’m part of a collaborative community that encourages my creative process…even when it happens 3 AM, which is almost always the case.  I’m not only writing what I’m passionate about; I’m learning how to write about it better.  I’m proud to claim Surge as my own because they value their writers as their people – we’re spread across the globe but it feels like we’re family.”


Freelance Writer

“The management with Surge is extremely accommodating and eager to make every day on the job a good one. I have yet to come across a more welcoming workplace and it is a breath of fresh air working for a company that truly appreciates its employees.”


Freelance Writer

“Its been more than six months at Surge for me, and the going has been great all through. Not only does the team lead encourage you and your creativity, but they are also more than ready to share trade secrets with their writers, letting writers become the best they can be at Surge and beyond. The work is mostly autonomous, and once you are rolling, the rolling only gets smoother with time, making it an amazing team to work with…”


Freelance Writer

I’ve had the pleasure of working as a freelance writer for Surge for the last five months, and it’s been an amazing experience. Working with an editorial team that values flexibility and creative development is fantastic. Surge has a unique culture that gives writers the freedom to grow and thrive! Every day, I feel incredibly lucky that I get to work with such a great team of innovators.


Freelance Writer

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